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   My name is Judy Butler.  I have been an artist and crafter most of my life.  I painted mostly in oils using a "wet on wet" technique until I discovered Mary Owens in 2005.  I became a Certified Mary Owens Teacher in 2006 and teach the technique of Pen & Ink with Oil Rouging to anyone who has the desire to create art.  This technique helps anyone create their very own art even if they can't draw a straight line!  I also teach Painting With Colored Pencils.  I enjoy helping those who think they can't paint create beautiful, unique pieces of art! 

I am also an author and designer.  I have designed many of my own patterns used with the Pen & Ink with Oil Rouging technique as well as colored pencils.  I have authored and illustrated a children's book which will be published soon.  I am constantly looking for ways to help people express themselves with anything they can create.  I love helping anyone find the creativity that is sometimes hidden or tucked away by teaching these techniques as well as using our imaginations to create all kinds of Mixed Media projects, Fairy Doors, Journaling, Creative Doodling and other creative techniques.      

Please find information on the techniquesproducts my classespatterns available for purchase, a gallery of my work, my newsletter and lots of other information.

  Thank you for stopping by...I hope you enjoy your visit and come back often.  If you have questions or if I can be of any assistance please feel free to contact me any time. 

          JudyB Designs
                       Judy Butler,CMOT
Pen & Ink With Oil Rouging * Painting With Colored Pencils
                           "Bringing art to those who think they can't!" 



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