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                   Being a very proud Texan naturally comes through in most of my designs.                                         I love the Texas landscape and all the diversity it offers.                                   
I can't help but transfer my love of 
Texas into almost everything I do.  
This page is a list of my patterns that are available for sale.  

Pattern Prices: $8.00 each + $1.00 postage 
All patterns include a clear color copy, simplified and detailed
 line drawings and detailed instructions for the inking and oil rouging. 

*These designs and others are also available for sale as finished pieces in the Gallery page.*

"A Texas Homestead"
A whimsical birdhouse with a Texas license plate roof and  whimsical Bluebonnets, Blackeyed Susans and Prickly Pear Cactus.  
I designed this pattern from a picture of the bird house that I built and had in my back yard until hurricane "Ike" came and took it away.  Thank goodness for pictures!
"Punkin's Patch"
A cute fall scene with a scarecrow waiting and  ready to scare the birds away from his bounty.
This pattern was designed using a photo of a scarecrow I purchased at a craft show years ago.  He is named after one of my nicknames.
"Wagon Wheel & Old Post"
I designed this pattern from a scene I saw while on a visit to Arizona.  I thought it belonged on the Texas landscape so I drew it with that thought in mind. 
"Waitin On The Wind"
One of my favorite things to do is find and capture photos of the windmills across this beautiful state.  I have taken lots of pictures of windmills.  This pattern was designed using a collection of my windmill and tank pictures.
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If these patterns are taught a pattern for each student must be purchased.
Quanity discounts for orders of the same packet are available.
Judy Butler
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"Texas Star with Bluebonnets"
The beautiful Bluebonnet and the Texas Star. 
I designed this pattern with my Bluebonnet pictures and the image of the Texas Lone Star...It makes a great statment about TEXAS!
"Texas Proud"
Another one of my favorite photo subjects is barns.
This old barn is typical of barns you will see across the state of Texas. I designed this pattern using my collection of pictures of old barns and some childhood memories. 
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"Bluebells & Butterflies"
One of the pretty wildflowers that you see accross the Texas landscape is the little Bluebell...they aren't blue at all ...really they are a pretty lavender and Butterflies like them...I did these on a glass suncatcher. 
"My Back Yard Visitors-The Cardinal"
I love to watch the birds that visit my back yard.  This is the Cardinal that I see in the mornings.
"Barnyard Family"
I have been taking pictures of chickens for years and have had many requests for rooster patterns. I just wanted to have a family of chickens so here they are!
"Makin' Applesauce"
For this pattern I went back in my memories of my Grandmother's kitchen. I used photos of crocks that were similar to her's, but the spoon was actually from her kitchen. Mmmmm...apples and cinnamon...good stuff!
"West Texas Washday"
Another of my memories was my grandmother using a washboard and tub and hanging clothes out to dry in the west Texas wind....they would be dry in just a few minutes!
"Patio Visitor"
Hummers only visit here in spring and fall and they always come to my patio to visit my feeders and what ever is blooming.  I love those little visitors!
"Oliver's Fancy"
I took pictures of this rooster several times....he was very shy and I had to hide to get them.  He belongs to friends of the family.  I think he is kind of fancy!
"A Texas Treasure"
The beautiful Bluebonnet!
The Texas State Flower
This pattern was designed from a picture that was taken on a trip with my daughter and grandsons.  During March and April the Bluebonnets are in full bloom and they are only found in Texas!  They are so beautiful and the smell will intoxicate you! 
"Thanksgiving Blessing"            "Loves Angel"       "Texas Autumn B&B"        "Howdy Santa"
"Warm Christmas Wishes"               "Poinsettia Sleigh Ride"
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