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Here are a few of my completed pieces. They include my original designs available as matted ready to frame prints and cards.  Some are pieces done from the designs by Mary Owens and others.  There are also examples of custom work I have done for others.  There is a mixture of inking, oil rouging, colored pencil and other mediums and the surfaces vary.
If you would like to order a pattern packet, print or other product you can do so by email. I will email you an invoice and you will be able to use your credit card securely.   You can print out an order from from the link provided, send it along with a check or money order or you can order by phone with your credit card.
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The technique of  drawing in Pen & Ink  has been around for a long, long time and done with various types of "pens and inks."   When  you think of adding color to a pen & ink drawing it's usually watercolors that you think of to add the color.  

 Mary Owens perfected this way of doing pen & ink art work with a different ink that is completely correctable and a way of using oil paints to add color that is reminicent of watercolor.  The technique is done in two stages and both are completely correctable!